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Our CNC machines give us extensive machining capabilities and are enhanced by a full machine shop with over sixty machines making Niagara Fasteners unmatched in the fastener world.

Our Haas CNC lathes can manufacture bolts from 6/32 – 6” diameter and have a maximum 10” chuck with a 17” swing, and can machine parts up to 35” long. Live tooling manages numerous operations, saving time and decreasing costs. Quick repeatability of quality parts is attained through Mastercam software, accompanied with a bar feeder attachment and a touch probe for setting tools.

The SL30 has 17.0" Max. cut diameter x 34.0" Max. length with live tooling and C-Axis abilities.

The SL20 has 10.3" Max. cut diameter x 20.0" Max. length. Both machines are equipped with Bar Feeders.

DAll drawings and CNC programs are handled by our In-House design and programming team.

Our 40+ years of history is a benefit to you, we will even help you with design decisions to cut costs.