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We are proud to manufacture a 100% Canadian superior quality product. Capable of hot forging 1/2” – 2 1/2” in diameter with no length limitations, we can either source or fully machine bolts outside of this range.

We manufacture and stock bolt blanks in various grades:

  • ASTM A307A;
  • A307B;
  • SAE Grade 5;
  • ASTM A325;
  • SAE Grade 8;
  • ASTM A490;
  • ASTM A449;
  • ASTM A193-B7;
  • 304 & 316 stainless steel;

Over one hundred and twenty five sets of dies in our inventory gives us the increased capacity of manufacturing a wide range of hot forged bolts with various head configurations. Not limited to:

  • hex bolts;
  • square head bolts;
  • round head square neck bolts (carriage bolts)
  • button head bolts;
  • hex socket head cap screws;
  • countersunk bolts;
  • ream and punch bars;
  • rectangular bolts;
  • liner bolts.

These can be plated to your needs.
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